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A bit of our history

Production Sciences, Inc. has been in operation since June 1989.  The business was founded in and is still located in Chestertown, Maryland. All manufacturing is still performed at this location in the USA!

Our first products were dip coated automotive tail light sockets, dip coated staples and dip coated insulated mechanical power connectors for electrical applications.  Over the years, we have adapted and refined our processes to meet the cleanliness and quality standards of the medical industry. Today, most of our products are specialty products manufactured to customer specifications.

Our past products have included radiopaque markers for medical procedures, specialty covers and caps for medical instruments, and tubing connectors for respiratory care, medical devices, and fluid supply lines.


Dip molding's niche

Our niche market lies between the low-volume, high-piece cost of 3D printing and the high-volume, low-piece cost of Injection molding. 

With 3D printing there is little to no tooling requirements to make a part, but the production rate is exceedingly low making the part-cost very high. Production levels may be under 100/week.  Injection molding has very high tooling and startup costs, which requires very high volume orders to offset the initial investment in tooling.  Modification can be difficult and time consuming, making this method inflexible to evolving products. 

Dip molding has low-cost tooling compared to injection molding.  The production rate of dip molding can exceed five million parts per year with a startup tooling cost between 5-10% of injection molding.  Production levels may be over 100,000/week.  This moderate production demand and low tooling cost is what makes our manufacturing method competitive.